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ifunbox官方下载中文版v4.0.3937.1352 官方尝鲜版


  • 软件大小:26.91MB
  • 软件语言:多国语言
  • 软件类型:国外软件
  • 软件授权:免费版
  • 更新时间:2016-09-25
  • 软件类别:手机工具
  • 软件官网:
  • 应用平台:WinXP/win7/win8/





2.5 尝鲜版更新内容


- 优化相机胶卷的缩略图预览。

- 优化设备连接的速度。


Install iOS Apps from IPA package

iFunbox allows you install IPA packages from in-house distribution, which is produced with Apple's Developer Enterprise Program. It also allows you install *.ipa files archieved from an App under development or cracked by you.

iFunbox: Export and Import video, music, photo and ringtones

Import/Export Media Data

Managing video, music, photo and ringtone is never easier using iFunbox's Quick Toolbox. Multiple files can be imported in a batch by file browing dailog or drag&drop. All video and photo in the Camera Roll can be exported by just one click, as well as movies, music and ringtone.Use iPhone as an USB Flash Drive

In file browser view, the "General Storage" entry in the left-hand tree allows you store any kinds of file just like a handy USB flash drive. It operates like an USB flash drive but way more faster for file transfer. Files named with international charactors and sized larger than 2GB are all well supported.

iFunbox: Best files browser for iPhone and iPad

iFunbox: Use iPhone as an USB flash drive

iFunbox: Browse files in sandbox of an app

Explore Data in the App Sandbox

iOS apps store data in its sandbox for saving informations like user account, chat history, saved games, in-app purchase and etc. iFunbox provides an easy way to manipulate those data to clean the track of usage, backup messages of chats, cheat games ....Total Control of the Native iOS File System

iFunbox helps you dig into the root file system of a jailbreak iOS device with quick browsing, instant file previewing and fast file searching. Customize spring board themes, modify carrier logo, clean junk files, config system services and diagnose system issues ..., it is just the imagination limits what you can do with your iOS devices. Being a hacker of iOS device is never easier with iFunbox. iFunbox supports automatic conversion of bplist and mac png, makes file previewing much easier.


  • ifunbox官方下载中文版v4.0.3937.1352 官方尝鲜版